Motours - Wild Atlantic Way Brochure Redesign

At the end of last year, the company I was working for, took on the workload for two of its sister companies. One project I took on at this time, was a redesign of the a catalogue for a car tour company.


The first thing i did was remove the yellow typeface on the cover. I was informed that they thought it would be nice to go for a rustic vibe, but because the company was focusing on bespoke car tours, I pursuaded them to go for something a bit more upmarket, that matched their price point.


On the inside, the main thing I did was implement a 5x2 grid, to create some uniformity. You can see on the before spread that elements were placed just to fill a space, and I wanted to make sure that everything on the place had a purpose and felt more deliberate.


I also removed the bold red text and implimented a colour scheme that stayed true to their brand colours, aiming for
a simplified design, with a more high
end feel.


Finally, I added an accent font with quotes that would help to sell Ireland as a destination, as the whole brochure was focused on Irish tours.

© 2020 by Chris De Smedt