How I started to get noticed

September 17, 2018


Last week I posted the rationale and concept behind a self promotion project that I hope will make recruiters and companies sit up and take notice of my CV & Portfolio. (read that here)


After a bit more development, the first few have been sent out, and will be arriving to recruiters/agencies in the next couple of days. Here’s a rundown of the final development, and my takeaways from the project. 


Spoiler alert, this is how it came out


The main struggle with the 3D printing, was finding a balance between speed and quality. 3D printers are notoriously slow, and I didn’t want to print at super-high quality, and have to wait 20+ hours for each one to print. So I fiddled around with all the settings, and landed on a 10 hour print time, which I’m not too mad at. If I made the print much faster the final quality would suffer, and after a few test prints, I was happy with the 10 hour version.


After the boxes were done, I started working on the patterns that would hold the project together. I knew I wanted them to be very 90’s.


I love the bold patterns and colours that were everywhere in the 90s, from the neon animal prints, to layers of random shapes. I took inspiration from TV intros of the time (Saved by the Bell, Clarissa Explains it all, the Title Cards from Rugrats), as well as the Memphis design movement.


After a few days of back and forth over the colours/patterns, I landed on the final 2, which I’ve affectionately named “Turned up teal”, a bolder statement pattern that is a full on 90's moment, and “Laid back lavender” which takes the bold shapes of Memphis, and passes it through a pastel windbreaker filter.


The colours were tweaked slightly before being sent to print.


I used these patterns to order double sided flyers to use as wrapping paper, card flyers to cut up and make boxes out of, and business cards, half of which were in one pattern, half in the other.


I planned to alternate patterns throughout the package;

  • Bold outside wrapping paper

  • Laid back inside wrapping paper

  • Bold VHS box

  • Laid back top business card (visible through the lid)

  • Bold 2nd business card

And because everything I had been ordered in both patterns, I effectively have two version of the VHS to send out to people.



And that’s the project over! Now it's just a case of letting my 3D printer fill my flat with whirring for the next fortnight while I assemble and post these bad boys out.



Overall, I’m really happy with how everything turned out. An unexpected surprise was when I was folding the boxes the print cracked along the folds. It slipped my mind that digital prints are much more likely to crack on cardstock, but I actually quite liked how it gave the final product a kind of “used” appearance.


Hopefully this project will help me get noticed, and it if doesn’t, and nothing comes of this, at least I can say that I tried! (and change the title of this blog post, but hey! Gotta get those clickbait clicks!)


So until next time



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