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Self promotion: How I (hopefully) get noticed

September 10, 2018

  Spoiler Alert - This is (hopefully how)


September 1st marked the 1 year anniversary of my job search, which up until this point had been remarkably unsuccessful.


I feel like the work I've done in my 9-5 is pretty ordinary in comparison to other designers, a natural part of being part of an in house team instead of an agency. I want to make more of an impact with both recruiters and companies.


Which leads me nicely onto;

Flawless execution



After a couple of weeks of brainstorming, I had the idea to 3d print a VHS tape that would house my portfolio/CV and contact information


Enjoy a sketch that wasn't done at 2am, promise. 


My initial plan was to have the boxes at a DL size, and have a printed portfolio inside, at a slightly undersized DL, but after running the costings, I realised that this would be far too expensive for what would essentially be a cold calling exercise.


I then moved on to the idea of making the box only just bigger than my business cards, and including a digital copy of my CV/Portfolio/Cover letter, and then everything started clicking into place.


I created the box by using illustrator to make the base shapes, and then extruded them in Fusion 360 (which was a whole new kettle of fish) before sending them to my 3D printer to start printing. 


After a couple of attempts of getting the settings right, I finally figured out the right balance of print quality, and speed, I wasn't going to wait a solid 20 hours for 1 box to come out.


All the collateral will start arriving in the next couple of days, so for now, enjoy a few sneak peaks of the half scale prototype.


The closed VHS will have my logo incorporated into the lid, as well as the front label, and the pattern on the business card will show through the face. I want to make sure that it feels like a used VHS, with things haphazardly written on the labels, like the VHS's I remember from growing up


Upon taking off the lid, the back of the business card will be revealed, with my logo on it. There will be two business cards in each VHS. I read somewhere that you should always give 2 business cards to people, one for them, and one for them to give to a friend.


Underneath the business cards is a hollow for the USB stick to sit in. This will have my cover letter, CV and Portfolio on.


Thank you for reading this. If you are a London-based recruiter and/or company and want to get your hands on one of the finished products, let me know, and I'll happily send one out to you.



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