Worldwide Cruise Collection Brochure

This 52-page Brochure was a solo project highlighting all of our ‘long haul’ cruises, including a 120 day voyage around the globe. There was an 8 page section for this cruise, and the company wanted to make sure that this cruise was the focus of the brochure.


Because of the nature of long haul cruises, I really wanted to make the brochure image led. I wanted wach spread to reflect the vibe of each cruise, so potential passengers would know immediately if this was the cruise best suited for them.


Each double page spread in the brochure followed the same core layout, using full bleed, aspirational background images, and support images that sing off of this background.


Throughout the brochure, I used fonts on the light-weighted side to give a refined, sophisticated feel overall. It was printed on a matte stock to reinforce this. 

© 2020 by Chris De Smedt