Digital Experience

So far in my career, digital design has been an area I've wanted to expand upon.

In my current role at Cruise and Maritime, I have proactively taken hold of any of the digital marketing tasks that have come up, and in doing so have managed to learn new skills under short time frames.

When I initially started this job, the email marketing was actioned by office admin staff. I requested to take responsibility for both the design and coding as well as analysing the recipients activity. In a short period of time I managed to teach myself the HTML I needed to know to successfully navigate the 3rd party email client. As a result of my involvement, we saw a huge uptake in customer interactivity. (Full details can be found here.) As a part of this responsibility, I also created GIFs from video, and embedded them into the emails to increase the impact on customers.

There have been a few occasions where the company has wanted to advertise on websites with a GIF web banner, and have needed me to create a GIF with a low file size, and a clear message. I used Photoshop to create the GIFs the company needed, and while they are rudimentary at their core, they fulfill the brief, and drew traffic in. The outcomes can be seen in the sidebar.

Another area of digital design that I am currently developing in is motion graphics. There is very little call for it in my current position, but as it is an area I'm keen to learn, I pitched an idea to the higher ups, to create a motion graphics piece advertising the benefits of the groups department in the company. From storyboarding to asset creation to implementation, I was running the project, and spend spare hours between other work creating the piece. Since completing the piece, I have received feedback from the teams out on the road that it's become an invaluable tool in pitching the company to new potential partners on the B2B side. Watch the video here.


I look forward to taking the skills I've developed in this project onto the next one, as I  continue to grow

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